Pokie Games

Pokie GamesMany people love Pokie games. They are fun and addictive to play with. The fun started in the 1950s when the Australian company, Aristocrat, developed its first slot machine called the Clubman. Two years later this game was renamed as the Clubmaster. Decades later, gambling machines become hugely popular to many Australians. Now, new technologies have made possible for pokies to get equipped with three to five spinning wheels.

Pokie is an official Australian term for slot machine. Today, pokies have video displays that simulate the physical reels of the old ones. Additional bonus and secondary screen features are introduced to enhance the gaming experience. Other machines can display multiple lines up to 3,125. In 2010, there were about 200,057 pokies operated in Australia.

Players play the entire position per reel, instead of fixed patterns. For example, if the person plays for a single reel on a 243 line game, he or she receives three symbols. The machine pays in any of the three positions. Other reels pay in the center position only. The unused areas are automatically darkened.

Most slot machine owners require symbols to appear from the left to the right. Sometimes these symbols are scattered in the reels. Scattered symbols still pay similarly to their conventional counterparts. This is done by multiplying the pay amount with the total bet and then the amount of the reels.

State governments regulate these gambling machines within their jurisdiction. Often they are played in casinos. Approximately one casino is built in each major Australian city. In 1999, The Australian Productivity Commission reported that half of those machines were located in New South Wales. Pokies are first legalized there in 1956.

Since the inception of the Internet, players all over the world can play games in front of their computer screens. Online pokie games are now huge hits. Many online versions are free to play, which make them great alternatives to the ones played in the pubs or casinos. There are even online pokie tournaments where people can compete with each other or compare their final scores.